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No-code platform for creating IoT products.

The Bekonix Platform helps companies create smart-tech products by providing no-code, drag & drop development that saves time, maximizes  talent, and multiplies revenue.

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Drag & Drop Power

Quick development that anyone can do. This is why we chose a no-code, drag and drop approach so it’s not just about changing how things are made, it’s also about who can make them.

Bekonix opens up these capabilities to all kinds of motivated creatives to make all kinds of things.

My jaw hit the table when I saw Bekonix. This saves me hours and hours of time.
Ben Eadie on YouTube

Ben Eadie

Ben Eadie

Prop Designer, Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Bekonix was instrumental in turning our far-fetched dream -- the Light Puck -- into an actual product that's now in customer's hands.
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Eric Hamilton

Production / Dwarven Forge

Our partnership is allowing us to get tech into the hands of those who otherwise would never have dreamed it possible.
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Shannon Hoover

Shannon Hoover

Founder / nLITEn

I can't believe how easy it was to use. We literally lit up a cosplay prop in the middle of a show in a short period of time.
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Stephanie Chan

Stephanie Chan

Co-founder / Foam Armory
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