A little history...

The Bekonix Team is passionate about creating a new generation of tools to help people build smart and amazing high-tech products.

Bekonix team members have a storied history, beginning in the 1990’s helping to create one of the most iconic products in television and film, the Video Toaster.

It was remarkable due to its exceptional functionality and low price point. It not only changed how visual effects were made but who could make them. (Yes, enabling more people to make more great things has always been our passion) It and follow-on products were used in the making of dozens of major motion pictures, hundreds of television shows, and countless commercials- from Forrest Gump to several Star Wars movies. Bekonix CEO Daniel Kaye and CTO Ken Turcotte were each honored with the Primetime Emmy Award® for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development.

From there many successful products were created in the consumer electronics and video spaces.

The Snappy Video Snapshot was a favorite, which prior to digital cameras was the number one way people brought real-world imagery into their computer. A distribution deal was made with Minolta, and Snappy generated $28 million in revenue in its first year and ultimately sold close to one million units.

Later innovations in the graphics tools space included a world-wide 21 language print-at-home consumer product and a 10-year partnership with HP which generated over four billion square inches of print.

Jyoti Das, Bekonix COO, is a Hi-Tech veteran with a career spanning two decades at IBM and Intel, leading internal and external market transformations. As a senior director in Intel’s Data Center group, he led go to market strategy for IoT and Big Data. Since 2015, he has led multiple startup initiatives and comes to Bekonix to lead product, marketing, and operations and help realize its vision to disrupt the IoT market.

Most of this team has been leaders in technology for over 25 years having successes on both sides of the equation: Crafting companies and teams to build innovative hardware/software products and launching creative tools that have changed industries.

Bekonix Team

Most of this team has been working together for over 25 years.

Daniel Kaye
Jyoti Das
Ken Turcotte
Chris Davey
Chief Design Officer
Debbie English-Deason
Director of Operations
Customer Success