Bekonix Platform

Bekonix designer

Desktop software for designing effects and controling peripherals.

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image of the bekonix mobile application

Mobile app

Bekonix mobile

The mobile app acts a controller for any device you’ve created. Customize the look and functionality when you upgrade.

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image of the bekonix mobile application


Featured-packed Smart-Tech

Complexity under the hood - icon

Complexity under the hood

Automatic firmware management, synchronous visual digital twin, component compatibility, and more.

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Devices are readily made with BLE, CAT-M1, NB IoT, LoRa, NFC, and GPS.

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Bekonix OS

Flexibility for building capabilities to efficient runtime makes Bekonix OS a differentiator for your projects.

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Endpoints & Edge IoT

From simple telemetry devices to intelligent endpoints, these are easily built with Bekonix.

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Cloud Services

Securely bridge your device to remote servers for seamless access and encrypted data transmission.

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Bekonix specializes in offering tailored assistance in technology, product management, and tools with the goal of maximizing value for clients.