Bekonix Platform

Our no-code platform lets you quickly move your smart technology idea from Concept to Prototype to Manufacturing.

Our goal is really to help you create smart, connected projects and products from concept to final design.

So that means everything from putting together the hardware components, the firmware, the behaviors and even the end-user mobile app to control it...  

Bekonix Designer

End-to-End Creativity

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To get started, all you need is an idea. Everyone has ideas right? But now what? Traditionally you would need to setup a complicated work-flow using several software packages and hardware. Bekonix is all you need to get your idea out of your head, and into reality.

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The Bekonix Platform lets you try out ideas in minutes that would take days or weeks the traditional way. What’s more, since no programming is required, motivated creatives can jump in and not just talk about making a smart, connected product but invent it in real-time.


Unlike many prototyping tools out there, Bekonix is built for the next level... manufacturing. Real code, real connections. If you need larger volumes to reduce hardware costs, Bekonix can easily migrate with your needs. Want to create your own hardware, we can help with that too.

Bekonix Designer

Our designer runs on Mac and Windows. The clean interface and simple drag and drop concepts are prevalent throughout.

Explore the four main sections below...


This is the first screen you see when start the software. We start you off with some example projects and a nifty little folder of your own called, you guessed it "My Projects".

Make as many folders as you want, even have folders within folders. Share folders independently so you can control who sees what.


This is where you create your device's layout and function. Drag a controller (i.e. ItsyBitsy NRF52840), then add in a motion sensor, microphone, and finally some LEDs to make it shine.

Our list of components is always growing, and each one is configured so they work with your chosen controller.

i2C Components are coming soon! We've heard your requests, and are tackling this challenge.


This is where the magic happens! Set triggers, loops, GPIO's and PWM's, other acronyms.

Addressable LED design is handled here too. Simply drag on an effect, change its duration, colors, wave forms and more. Create your own effects and share them with others.


Widgets represent projects. Design these widgets with your project in mind. Add a fire background, your company logo, or even cats.

Beyond looking great, you can also add micro-interaction within the widgets. For example, if you have a physical button in your project, you can have a virtual button on the widget that will trigger action just like the physical button.

Bekonix Mobile

Mobile App

Automatically created...

Every device that you make can be controlled by your mobile device too. Create playlists that run projects automatically, at timed intervals, or on a schedule.

  • Bekonix Bluetooth

    Quickly connect using Bluetooth (BLE)

  • Bekonix Play

    Have programs run automatically using the playlist auto-run feature, or tap a project to trigger it

  • Bekonix Pro Feature

    Complete freedom over design; background image, color, custom device image, control visibility of buttons

  • Bekonix Mobile Free to use

    Free to use.

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