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We are always adding new features to PRO accounts, so join us and get them first.

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Unlimited Projects & Custom Folders

FREE accounts can only have 3 active projects, and one folder. Get PRO and save as many projects as you like. AND with the ability to create custom folders, you can finally get organized. With custom folders, comes custom sharing. Create a folder just for you or for a client, and share it with them so they can reap the benefits of your hard work.

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Advanced Components

Everyone has access to basic controllers and buttons, but don't you want more?

We are constantly adding in new pre-configured components that are ready to make you look like a rockstar. Sense temperature, sound, moisture, vibrations and more.

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Mobile App Design

Take control of your device's first impression when someone connects to it. Add that fire-breathing dragon, or your logo to make it really custom. We've added so many knobs and sliders to make it truly unique, that you may not know when to stop. Custom backgrounds with your own image, or get creative with our gradient designer and other special effects.

Turn off or on, any controls so users only need to focus on the important stuff. Make it secure by restricting access to certain controls or even connections.

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LED Masking Effects

While we have made making groups fairly simple, we've really upped our game with masking. On an effect basis, you can dim (essentially remove) individual LED pixels from a strip or a grid.

This allows you to laser focus on a particular portion of your LEDs and highlight that area separate from the others, or even draw faces or characters on a matrix.

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Work Offline

Many parts of the world (Burning Man) or busy spots (schools, trade shows) have terrible Internet connections. We've added the option to work offline. That means anything you've browsed (looked at) will be available when you aren't connected to the Internet.

Projects, components, and controls are always available no matter where you are. Projects can be saved to your computer, and later synced so they can be on the cloud and accessed from different computers and devices.

Software updates can be deferred until later as well, so you can get back to making something cool.

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Widgets represent projects. Design these widgets with your project in mind. Add a fire background, your company logo, or even cats.

Beyond looking great, you can also add micro-interaction within the widgets. For example, if you have a physical button in your project, you can have a virtual button on the widget that will trigger action just like the physical button.

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