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Sign Kit

LED's, Controller, and a motion sensor.

If you are a sign manufacturer and would like to add Bekonix to your production line, please contact us to see if you qualify for a free kit and demo.
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This introductory sign kit has just about everything you need to make animated backlit signs. We've included LEDs and a power supply and paired them with the super versatile XIAO BLE Controller. Attached to the XIAO is the "SHIELD" allowing you to simply plug-and-play the included PIR (Motion) sensor. The included sign clips position the LED strip on their edge, so you can direct light anywhere you desire.

Bill of Materials

  • Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840, w/ Shield)
  • Mini Basic PIR Sensor
  • LEDs, 60 per meter, WS2812, IP65 individually addressable
  • Micro USB to A
  • Power supply 5 volt, 3amp or 10amp.
  • Starter projects
  • 100 LED strip clips

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