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Smart Signs Made Easy

Whether you currently use backlighting in your business or not, Bekonix can add a new level of sophistication.


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"Adding Bekonix powered LEDs to my sign business increased profit margins, and my customers LOVE them!"

My production team quickly got up to speed on assembly and designing. We initially offered "dumb" LEDs, but the Bekonix LEDs are able to express much more, especially in artistic pieces.

Ashley Moyer

CEO of FrontLine Metal & PrisMetal
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We'd love to show you the possibilities of the Bekonix platform.

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Simply plug in LEDs to our controller, open an example project, and modify.

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Adding the PIR motion activated sensor can trigger effects when someone approaches.

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Custom Designs

Tell a story with you sign. Bekonix Designer is as simple as dragging LED strips and adding effects.

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We designed a system that can be folded into your current manufacturing line quickly.

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The ability to build bespoke smart signs with  off-the-shelf hardware components makes smart signage significantly affordable.

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Higher Selling Price (or Margin): with lights, sensors, and a host of other possibilities command much higher selling prices compared to traditional signs

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Bluetooth Controller

XIAO Microcontroller, with connections for LEDs and power.


5 meter strip of individually addressable LEDs.

Power Supply

10 amp power supply.

Strip Clips

100 side-mounting clips for mounting the LED strip to your sign.

Free Training

One-on-One training (Zoom) for your first project.

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We've taken the complexity out of designing with LEDs.

If you've never used individually addressable LEDs, it can be overwhelming at first. We've eliminated the selection of LEDs, power, mounting, and sensors.

Meet our applications.

The Bekonix Designer and Mobile App are intuitive and powerful.